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Thursday, September 25, 2008

61 Days of Prayer for Barack Obama: Day 42

Father God,

We thank you for your presence and direction as we travel this long hard road to victory in November. Lord we thank you for the sense of peace You have given us in the midst of this storm. We thank You for the wisdom You have given our future president, Barack Obama, in the midst of this turmoil. Barack has responded with calm, wisdom and peace which we know comes from You. We asked for transparency and truth and Lord once again You have answered our prayers. We pray that Barack's response to our financial mess opens the eyes of America to his temperament and leadership style showing the positive, true character in a way no commercial or debate could ever do. Father we thank You and we pray for power and strength and a clear mind for Barack as he meets with President Bush to discuss the financial mess. Lord let him side step any traps or snares they lay before him to trip him up. This we ask in Jesus' name, Amen.

By Emma,
Founder of "61 Days of Prayer for Barack Obama" group on Facebook.
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