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Monday, September 29, 2008

61 Days of Prayer for Barack Obama: Day 38

Heavenly Father we come again to thank You for giving Barack Obama an excellent spirit and for having favor upon his life in every situation and circumstance. (Daniel 6:3) Thank You for the blessings of this past week. For this coming week we especially pray for Senator Joe Biden as he prepares for a debate with Governor Sarah Palin. Father we ask for favor on Joe in his preparations and success in the debate. Please grant him solid preparation, a respectful spirit, clear mind, wisdom, understanding of the issues, clarity of speech, strong articulation, insightful discernment and a solid message concerning the needs of the people, the nation and the campaign. Father God we also pray that You protect Barack Obama from contempt and persecution ( Let us all remember Your promise to deliver us from those who persecute us (Psalms 31:15) and know that the actions of the enemy will not prevail for this battle is Yours. Amen!

By Emma,
Founder of "61 Days of Prayer for Barack Obama" group on Facebook
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