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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Are you praying for Obama?

I came across a post that caught my eye today. This young republican blogger posted the text below on his site called "Illumination" back in February 24, 2008:

" Prayer for Obama
Last night i had a dream that God told me to pray for Barack Obama. I have been thinking about this all day long and although my personal beliefs fall republican (mainly for certain issues), today I felt that Obama very well could become the next president of the United States, that the saints need to really pray for God's will in this election...I really do not know why God is telling me to pray for Obama but..."Read more...>

A reader's comment was even more astonishing: "
I'm actually agnostic and I am praying for Obama, so many strange things are happening".

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Evan Lineberry said...

thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah back in february i had not followed any of the elections prior to this point except for knowing who barack was. Since my dream i have been following pretty closely at the race and i know that now he has a 50/50 chance to become president. At the time all i knew was he was pro choice and i don't like that stance. But as of now i do think that we need change in america and barack could bring about that change however both obama and mccain are not impressing me-they are slicing at each other and it seem as if we nev er get to hear real issues. That being said i am praying for obama that if he becomes president he will choose to walk in righteous ways and stand strong during the economic crisis and war that faces the presidency. Same goes for mccain, except i only had a dreama bout barack. I feel that the scriptures tell us to submit and pray for our leaders. Thanks man -E

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