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Friday, September 12, 2008

Barack Obama For President

  • Hey Barrak, im not old enough to vote for a president because im only 13, but if i could i would vote for you, you are what America needs, we've been going downhill ever since G.W.Bush and your what we need to turn it around, Thanx Mr.Prez Love and Peace ~KK (Kirsten Kapple ).
  • Hi Mr.Obama I am only 10 and i want you to win very very badly me and my dad went to see you when you were in bloomington. That was cool. I would however like to see more powerful ads against McCain. By the way I like the name Sasha! (: Thank You!
  • I am truly hoping voters will pay attention to the issues and stop "hearing things that aren't said". As a 50 year old lifelong democrat who is disabled, but has raised three wonderful girls...two have graduated from college in the last year and are going to grad school and med school (the last is an honor student in high school) I am really concerned about how to have them get the education they work so hard for without taking the rest of their lives to pay off student loans. Rhonda

  • I view your campaign as a great hope for America's future. As a retired mathematics teacher, who is very proud of his students achievements on AP Calculus BC exams, I know what students can achieve when challenged. I was lucky to spend my last 13 years teaching at Canton High School with a great honors program. I wish, that in your education, you would include something similar to the Governor's Schools in Virginia. Manuel

  • I support Obama for President, and I know the Obama supporters are busy getting people registered to vote, but are you aware that there are many people that want to vote but because that do not know how to use the voting machines in some states, they are embarrassed to go to the polls? This election is very important, and I think it would be worth it to make sure everyone no matter of their age or intelligence know how to use the voting machine. P Simmons

  • You have made such a different in the mind set of so many people. May GOD be with you in all your endeavors. Nancy

  • I believe you can make a lot of good changes for your country . Please when you win the presidency do not forget your promises. Must American's are loosing their homes, works and hopes. We need someone who have solution for all. I hope you can help us to change our life for goods. Good Bless you Obama. N Tawakoli
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