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Friday, September 12, 2008

Barack Obama's Candidacy Reverses anti-Americanism

A powerful example of the way Senator Obama is changing international attitudes towards America comes from Reverend Axel, a German who ministers to a church in Amsterdam, Holland. He's only visited the US as a child and has two American cousins, but his experiences of interfaith dialogue with Muslim immigrants in Amsterdam has given him a dramatic impression of Obama's candidacy. When uncommitted Superdelegate Debra Kozikowski asked people to convince her which candidate to support with her vote, Axel explained:

"I live in a very multicultural neighborhood. Within 500m around the church I work in, there is a synagogue, a small Buddhist shrine, a Hindu temple and three mosques… more than 80 nationalities are represented in my district. The majority of the young people in my neighborhood are children of immigrants from Muslim countries: Morocco, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Egypt and a few others…".

“As far as I’m concerned: I cannot underestimate, how much the election of Barrack Obama for next President of the USA would improve the perception of America by ordinary people around the world ...And quite frankly, after two disastrous Bush-administrations, I can hardly wait!!! I sincerely hope, that this little story of mine can help you decide who to support on the convention of the Democratic Party!” Read full testimony: The World Wants Obama Coalition...>

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