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Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain's Likely Next Move

By Ron

OK, we all know that McCain's stunt was exactly that. So there should be little doubt in anyone's mind that McCain's advisors are carefully crafting the 2nd act in this manufactured drama.

I suspect that it will go something like this: 2:00pm EST Press Statement From McCain

"Over the past two days I've been in Washington I've seen Republicans and Democrats working across party lines, as I will do when I'm your president, make significant progress in developing a wide range of checks and balances in regard to providing a well thought out solution to our current economic crisis. I will continue to monitor the situation closely along with my advisors to make sure the process stays on track.'

'Now that I'm satisfied that the interests of the American people are being well protected, that the looming crisis will be averted and that the reckless greed that created this situation is in check I look forward to debating Senator Obama this evening so that the American people can have the sort of debates they deserve and expect so that there will be no doubt who is best qualified to lead our nation through the troubled waters we must cross together."

Naturally one would want to point out (again) the many obvious things about McCain's trip to Washington;
  • First time there since April
  • Lobbyists in tow to watch out for regulations that might hurt special interests
  • Not an expert on the economy
  • Doesn't hold a position on any of the committees who will be drafting amendments
  • Ties to deregulators for nearly 30 years

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