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Monday, September 22, 2008

Citizen Service for Obama: An Organization Inspired By Obama's Vision

Although Citizen Service for Obama (CSO) is not associated with the official Obama campaign or website, the organization was inspired by Senator Obama's message of service. The site is designed to provide information on where and how to become involved in public service as a volunteer. CSO strives to connect Obama supporters to more than 2500 community service events in all 50 states as part of a National Service Day of Action on September 27, 2008. Thus, giving Obama supporters the opportunity to show that they are interested in doing more than just talking about service. provides event information where Obama supporters can give back to their communities, in the same spirit that Senator Obama passed up lucrative job offers on Wall Street after law school to serve struggling communities on Chicago's South side. The National Service Day of Action on September 27 provides an opportunity for all Americans to be engaged and improve their communities.

Senator Obama has been a strong supporter of national service. In December 2007 he unveiled his plan to expand AmeriCorps slots and increase opportunities for all Americans to volunteer. On September 11, 2008, he participated in the ServiceNation Presidential Forum in New York City on national service where he said, "Part of what makes America work is the fact that we believe in individual responsibility and self-reliance, but we also believe in mutual responsibility, in neighborliness, in a sense that we are committed to something larger than ourselves."

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