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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Craig Ferguson on McCain suspending his Campaign



Anonymous said...

Oh, brother. What idiot came up with this stunt?

It ranks somewhere on the stupidity scale between plain silly and numbingly desperate. McCain and Obama are both members of the senate and they're both able to help craft a solution if they wish to do so without putting the presidential campaign on hold; after all, I'm sure congressional leaders would be willing to accept their calls if they have some important insights to impart. And while one of them will eventually become president, neither one is president yet, nor is either one a member of the congressional leadership; I?m confident that somehow the administration and the other 533 members of congress will be able to muddle through without tapping into the superior wisdom and intellect of their nominees. Sorry, john; it really sounds like you're afraid to debate. This sounds like the sort of ploy we used to use in junior high school elections. John

Anonymous said...

Over the course of this campaign, McCain as been renamed McSame, McShame & other McSomethingnegative. I think that under current circumstances, McChicken is more appropriate. Don't you agree? The saddest thing is that quite a considerable number of Americans believe all the crap he has been throwing at them. What does it say about those Americans?

Anonymous said...

John McCain sought to change the subject from his out-of-touch response to the economic crisis with a big announcement that he was "suspending" his campaign. But the only thing McCain really wants suspended is the American people's disbelief. In fact, he's been in full campaign mode the entire time.

Instead of heading to Washington right away, Senator McCain stuck around in New York to do TV interviews, spend the night, and give a scheduled speech. Though the McCain campaign announced yesterday that they were also "suspending" their attack ads, they continued to run Thursday.

When McCain finally arrived in Washington, almost twenty-four hours after his announcement – and after Congressional leadership announced a deal in principle – he huddled with his lobbyist campaign advisors while his running mate held a political rally and his political spokesmen and surrogates were out in full force, continuing to attack Barack Obama.

So make no mistake: John McCain did not "suspend" his campaign. He just turned a national crisis into an occasion to promote his campaign. It's become just another political stunt, aimed more at shoring up the Senator's political fortunes than the nation's economy. And it does nothing to help advance this critical legislation to protect the American people during this time of economic crisis.

Anonymous said...

McShame is just being McTricks...As for Palin, she kind of confessed that she and McSame are terrorists:

In her interview with Couric, Sarah Palin says: terrorists hate "the freedoms, the democracy, the... the women's rights, the tolerance". Well, isn't it a confession? Is she comparing herself to terrorists? Wait a minute before you get all exhited. Let me break this down:

The freedoms- Sarah Palin tried to ban a book in her local library; She is avoiding justice in the trooper gate investigation; she does not support the freedom of others as far as their choices are concerned (abortion, sexual orientation, belief...);She has no record as far as promoting or supporting women rights; She doesn't care about Animals freedom as she takes pleasure in killing them; the list is endless...

The women's rights- Well, as I said she does not defend nor promote those rights--she is against same pay for same job for instance--among other things.

The tolerance- Well she mocks community organizers; She hates gays; She despise people who do not have the same beliefs/religion; She lies a lot about other people's records and experience; The list is endless...

The democracy- She is running with someone who's trying to refrain those who are losing their houses from voting(talk about democracy); She is in the McTricks team--she has accepted to run with someone who uses tricks to try and go pass the Democratic much for the democracy!

So when she says that terrorists hate "the freedoms, the democracy, the... the women's rights, the tolerance", is she talking about herself and McShame?

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”- Franklin D. Roosevelt, elected president in 1932.