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Thursday, September 18, 2008

John McCain: I Can't Win It -- I Shall Steal it!

By various American citizens

It's the most outrageous attack on voting rights we've ever seen--if you live in Michigan and you're in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, Republicans will try and take away your right to vote. It's voter-suppression at its worst--taking advantage of hard times for political gain and kicking people while they're down.

McCain's response? Silence. Like Bush in 2000 and 2004, he's trying to keep a safe distance from these tactics, while benefiting from them. McCain could end this with a phone call. But he won't.

It's time to expose McCain's connection to this strategy. I've signed on with to demand that McCain denounce these tactics. Will you join us? I t just takes a moment:

Similar tactics are being used across the country, but the McCain campaign simply sits in the background, quietly benefiting from voter suppression. The Obama campaign is fighting against this plan in the courts, but they need our help to expose these dishonorable tactics and make this a national story.

If enough of us step up and connect the dots, we'll give the press a reason to make the connection between McCain and what's happening in Michigan. And as we've seen in our other campaigns, when we stand together behind a clear message, the press covers it and moves our message forward.

Calling on McCain to publicly reject these tactics is just the first step in's campaign to publicly shame the Republican Party for attacking th e voting rights of struggling homeowners.

Please join us:



Diebold admits it: Machines in half of Ohio's counties may lose votes on Election Day.

And those machines may be in other places, too — we just don't know, since the company that's finally admitting the problem has splintered off as a former Diebold subsidiary. Here's how the Columbus Dispatch described the problem:

"The maker of touch-screen voting machines used in half of Ohio's counties has admitted that its own programming error is to blame for votes being dropped in some counties. The problem can't be fixed before the Nov. 4 election, so Premier Election Solutions and Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner are issuing guidelines to counties for how to avoid the problem."

Do you know if machines in Tarrant County have similar glitches? There's no way we can know, because Premier is refusing to share "proprietary" information about its machines.

The good news is that you can fight back in Tarrant County. How? By becoming a pollworker.

This year, CREDO Action is proud to sponsor the "Pollworkers for Democracy" project — a nonpartisan effort to get more people involved in protecting our elections from despicable tactics like these. We'll provide you with information to supplement your pollworker training, as well as a system to report and track any problems on and before Election Day.

Tarrant County still needs pollworkers for the November 4th general election. By signing up as a pollworker, you can support our democratic system...and get paid!

Even if your county doesn't use electronic voting machines at all, this problem makes it more clear than ever that we must be vigilant in protecting every vote on Election Day. We can't afford to lose a single voter. Can we count on your help?

Click here to sign up to become a pollworker in Tarrant County.

The fairness of this year's election is in your hands, and the best place to protect voters is right inside the polling place.

Thank you for all your work to safeguard our democracy.

Kate Stayman-London, Campaign Manager

REDO Action from Working Assets


I get a lot of hate emails, so I've been forwarding some of the fieriest of these about Obama and hate of Muslims to the Southern Poverty Law Center. They identify and bring lawsuits against hate groups across the country, and they strive to teach tolerance. There are some very organized hate groups some that are organized in almost all states.

I've listed their website for finding hate groups in your state:

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