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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why I Will Vote for Obama

By DonnaCSmith

I am a Christian and my faith factors strongly into my voting decisions. Christ taught us that we were to love one another and be tolerant of one another's mistakes. He did not teach of intolerance and war. That comes from someplace else.

Back to Obama. I was watching the Democratic Convention out of boredom and my need for "white noise" more than anything four years ago. But this young black man was giving a speech and suddenly I was interested. He was talking about things I believed in - hope, faith, and love. I don't remember his words, but I do remember how he made me feel.

Time went by, Bush was still in the White House, which I found somewhat annoying and embarrassing. Then one day I happened to be home and turned on Oprah. Sometimes I switch back and forth between her and a soap opera. But there was that man who'd given the inspiring speech years before. He'd written a book - The Audacity of Hope. And he sat right there on Opera and gave his "testimony" for his faith in Christ. Not the generic "god" so many politicians and celebrities mention on talk shows. I wrote down his name and the title of his book. There was mention on the show that he might run for President.

I read the book. I was educated and moved by his words.

When he entered the primary race the negative emails were sent to me by my Republican friends. I ignored them. Then some of the forums I frequent began to buzz with the accusations that he was a terrorist, a Muslin, and the antichrist all rolled into one. I stayed out of those conversations, deeming them foolish and silly. A couple of times I emailed my friends and asked had they read his books? I suggested on a few forums that they READ THE BOOK. Both friends and forumites ignored my comment, and I have the feeling none of them ran out to buy and read the book. They just kept on circulating the stupid messages. I deleted the emails without reading them and stayed out of the political forums for the most part. Okay, my curiosity sometimes took over and I'd peek in to see if anyone had changed his or her minds. It didn't appear they had.

To be honest I began to have some shadowy doubts. What if I was wrong, just believing what I want to believe - like those friends of mine who were Republicans? "No, I have to listen to my gut feelings," I answered myself. But the doubt hovered all the same. Read more...>



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