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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fashion - Michelle Obama’s Style

Call her Mrs Obama - Michelle- 'The Closer' - Mrs O. or First Lady. Either way, she dresses to win!

When Michelle wore the beautiful black and white dress designed by Donna Ricco on the TV show 'The View' in June 2008, the dress became a fashion hit and sold out.

Some website such as Mrs O take Michelle's fashion style at heart. Others compare her to Jackie Kennedy.

Shelly Branch, co-author of the style guide “What Would Jackie Do?” has already commented on the
similarities between Michelle O and Jackie O. While Harriette Cole, creative director at Ebony magazine, believes that “All eyes were on her [Michelle]” at the Democratic National Convention.

It is amusing that
her speech at the convention was also being anticipated for what she would wear.

"She already looks like a first lady" said a designer. "Her style is so clean and elegant, she won't need to change anything" she added.

Drawing the comparison between the two first ladies, a British newspaper set up an interesting slideshow claiming that "
Jackie O's unique sense of style may have found its way back into Washington "

Updated: The Obamas discuss fashion on Hollywood Access

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