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Monday, October 13, 2008

I Am A Christian And I Am Voting Obama

By Carolyn J

As a Christian I look at the word of God to see who I feel carries the message of God's Kingdom or displays an image closer to our created form and to what the word of God imparts would be a closer representative to the purposes of God. I guess the way you interpret the bible would sway your support one way or the other. I am pursued to interpret the bible as saying blessed are the peacemakers...they shall be called the sons of God.Matt. 5:9, Romans 8:19... God's determination is to gather the nations...Zeph. 3:8.. Barack Obama's frequent messages of peace and unity are closely in line with God's word. Never before, I might add have I been so inspired by a candidate that speaks directly to the principles that I feel displays a true image of a Christian. It's something that I wish came natural to me but I do find myself coming up short while being involved in this political season! That's why I'm praying Lord help my image!

Barack Obama is the #1 Candidate of Choice for President
in the
United States of America

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