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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Newspaper Endorsements: Obama Widens Lead to 231-102

The Obama-Biden ticket maintains its strong lead in the race for daily newspaper endorsements. The Democratic team now leads by 231 to 102, a better than 2-1 margin and an even wider spread in the circulation of those papers. The circulation of the Obama-backing papers stands at over 21 million, compared with McCain's 7 million. Obama's lopsided margin, including most of the major papers that have decided so far, is in stark contrast to John Kerry barely edging George W. Bush in endorsements in 2004 by 213 to 205. Obama, with 231, has already easily topped Kerry's number with many more yet to be tallied.

The Democratic team now leads by 240 to 114 (Friday 31 October)
College Papers Back Obama, 63 to 1
Obama-Biden ticket has an even more impressive lead when it comes to college newspapers — 63 to 1, according to UWIRE’s Presidential Endorsement Scorecard.

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