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Thursday, October 30, 2008

November 4th: Make The Right Choice

John McCain has admitted on several occasions that he does not know much about the economy. The Obama-Biden campaign has released a video that gives you an idea of what a McCain presidency would mean for the American people:

Video 2: Neil Cavuto who works for Fox News - a channel which rarely criticizes Conservatives Republicans - surprisingly disagrees with John McCain's economic plan on this terms: 'on economic matters, you have no convictions'.

Below are excerpts of the transcript. Read more here...>

"John McCain, I figured out why you are losing. Your positions are always changing.
You voted for the $700 billion rescue package. Yet today lumped your opponent with the Bush Administration for essentially pushing the same package. [...] What is the deal with the Straight Talk Express? [...]

Not that Barack Obama's positions are any more encouraging...but at least they are consistent. I don't like left-leaning, spread-the-wealth things (by the way, Sarah Palin has the same 'left-leaning, spread-the-wealth thing' but it's a consistent approach and the Democratic nominee has never veered from it. You can accept him or his views or not. But with John McCain, I'm really not so sure. [...]

You [McCain] can't say you're against earmarks when you're earmarking that kind of dough, Senator. Or adding more than $50 billion to a stimulus plan you cannot pay for...all the while blasting your opponent for coming up with programs he can't pay for..."

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