Pray For Barack Obama is a non-denominational ministry dedicated to lifting up President Barack H. Obama, his family, his cabinet and staffs in Prayer as they serve the USA (and the world).

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Prayer For Barack Obama

Heavenly Father,
We come to you in the precious Name of Jesus, The Christ, and we ask You for mercy and pardon on behalf of the Nations of this World. We pray for forgiveness for our sins, for we have sinned and our forefathers have sinned, throughout the ages, thereby perpetuating inequality throughout the corridors of time. Father we have come to a threshold where your people, your creation is crying out for mercy and truth. Father You are The One who raises up Nations and Kings and pulls down Nations and Kings. In this light we lift up Barack Obama, who is running for President of United States of America. We pray that the insight and foresight you have given him will be strengthened and used so that Your Name will be glorified. Let Your continuous favour, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, become embedded in his life, and all of those around him, and in the life of others who are so doing, in the precious Name of Jesus . . . Amen.

Apostle Leeroy Sambury

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