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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Video The Vote 2008 & Protect Voting Rights

During the 2000 and 2004 elections, voters faced many problems at the polls: long lines, list purges, voter intimidation, not enough machines and broken equipment. As time passed, a bigger picture of intentional voter disenfranchisement emerged, but it was too late. The elections were over and the media had moved on.

Early voting has started and the same scenarios are already happening. Election machines shifting votes from Obama to McCain, extraordinarily long lines and more...

How can you help? Video cameras have become very inexpensive and practically every new cell phone has a video camera built in. Each of us, as ordinary citizens can become on-call election monitors. People like you and me who contribute their time [] to make sure that the greatest democracy in the world has the greatest election system in the world.

If you are not going to be an actual poll worker or a poll watcher, please sign up to Video the Vote [] and join a growing network of Americans working together to monitor and improve our election systems. We are concerned citizens, amateur videographers, voting rights activists, and filmmakers united by a commitment to strengthening democracy through citizen oversight. And we need your help:

  • Videographers - Get dispatched to cover problems in your area or go out and document on your own.
  • Dispatchers - Monitor the national voter hotlines and then send out videographers to get the stories.
  • Drivers - Help videographers get to where they're going.
  • Uploaders/tech support - Make sure volunteer videos get online and to the media as fast as possible.
  • Bloggers - Review volunteer footage and spread the word about the best clips.

Sign up [] and help ensure that the full story of Election Day gets told. And once you do, please spread the word.

Video the Vote would not exist without the support and collaboration of a wide range of partners, including:

Advancement Project [ ]

Brennan Center for Justice { ]

Bus Project [ ]

Color of Change [ ]

Common Cause [ ]

Credo Mobile [ ]

Democracia USA [ ]

Election Protection [ ]

Hip Hop Congress [ ]

Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law [ ]

League of Young Voters [ ]

Mobilize [ ]


New Mexico Youth Organized

No More Stolen Elections [ ]

PBS [ ]

People for the American Way [ ]

Project Vote [ ]

Rock the Vote [ ]

Student Association for Voter Empowerment [ ]

Vote PA [ ]

Voter Action [ ]

Voto Latino [ ]

Young People For [ ]

YouTube [ ]

If you'd like to become a Video the Vote partner organization, contact and let us know how we could work together.

Rick Neuhoff
Co-Chair Palm Beach County DEC - Web & Technology Committee
Palm Beach County DEC - VOICE Committee
Palm Beach County DEC - Legislative Committee
United South County Democratic Club - Legislative Committee
Greater Boynton Democratic Club - Legislative Committee
Palm Beach County Democracy For America - Co-Secretary

Obama for President

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