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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Voter Registration Resources Online: Tips

Last updated: October 2008

Below are tips posted on by a 'Poll worker'. There are good things to know in case you vote on an electronic machine, what to bring to the polls, etc. She is from Georgia so your own state may have differing requirements but this is a good read:

Are you afraid your vote won't count? Got your absentee ballot, but plan to drive it to the election's office instead of putting in the mail?
I am a poll worker in The Great State of Georgia! I have had extensive voter registration training from the Georgia Election Office.
Here are a few tips to make sure your vote counts!

Please have ID... One reason people get turned away from voting is that they don't have identification. Here is a list of type of identification you should use.
A. Driver's License (Best Choice)
B. Passport (Great Choice)
C. State/Government Issue ID (Military,County, State, Municipal)
D. State Funded Public School ID (Georgia State, Community College)
E. Voter ID (this is free!)
F. Non Driver's License


When voting electronically, BRING A No. 2 Pencil with eraser top. Why?
A. Use the pencil to make your candidate choice
B. Don't Wear Jewelry (rings, bracelets)
C. Don't advance your screen UNTIL prompted
D. Cut your fingernails to nubs

Many people have big fingers or long fingernails which causes the person to "miss" their candidate vote....This is called a VOTER ERROR...
Sometimes the person's ring (especially if you use your knuckles) can cause the VOTER ERROR....
By using a No. 2 Pencil with eraser can choose your candidate by hitting the correct person. Make sure it lights up!
Don't keep hitting the NEXT button until prompted. WAIT for the machine to state (the hourglass prompt) to hit the button


Below, more links related to vote issues:

1) NY Times Voters Guide - Some frequently asked questions about voting and voter registration, and the Web sites where the answers can be found.

2) NY Times - Early Voting - Summary information on early voting options

3) "Straight Ticket Voting" Warning - In some states there is a ballot option to vote "all democratic" in one single entry. There have been reports on radio and the blogs that in states like NC choosing this option will cause certain candidates to be missed, possibly Obama. So remember to vote each candidate on your ballot singularly. More information here:

4) Updates on what the DNC, the Obama Campaign, and other officials are doing to protect your vote. Some of the many:

-Ohio Secretary of State Victory over Republican Purging

-Obama Campaign Files Fraud/Suppression Complaint to Department of Justice

-Obama Campaign Assembles 5,000 Attorneys to Monitor Polls and Activity on 11/4 in Florida

In the end it is up to us to protect our vote. Remember to contact your local Obama office if you encounter issues, bullying, etc. You can find your local office numbers here: . Also have this number for Election Protection with you at the polls : 1-(866) OUR- VOTE.

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