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Sunday, November 16, 2008

American Conservative: Right Wing Hate Machine

Mark Potok: " The Very Idea Of A Black Man Being Elected To The White House Is Shocking To Some Subset Of The American White Population."

Not all white conservatives are prepared to work with the President-elect for the good of their own country. On the contrary, they have proclaimed a war against the Obama administration and tend to oppose his every move over the next four years. How selfish is that? You would have thought that they believe their own rhetorics "country first" but they obviously don't!

In so doing,
G.O.P. ayatollahs are ignoring the voices of people who have spoken on election day and despising the majority's choices of hope over fear, progress over regression and bi-partisanship over radical partisanship. In the process, they are auto-destructing.

A journalist have written a revealing piece about the Right Wing racism disguised in "policy disagreement" lies.
Tim Shipman's article "Conservative backlash begins against Barack Obama" reads:

In Madison County, Idaho, a firmly Republican state, the schools superintendent was obliged to remind teachers and bus drivers that pupils must show proper respect for elected officials, after parents complained that children on one school bus were chanting, "Assassinate Obama!"

[...] In North Carolina, a southern state Mr Obama won on election day, the Statesville Record newspaper had to apologise after running a leader column which asked: "What's more scary, a bleak economy or a black president?"

[...] Republican Congressman Paul Brown denounced Mr Obama as a Marxist, and compared his plans for a national service corps - to help out in natural disasters - to the formation of the Nazi brownshirts.

"That's exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany," he said. "We can't be lulled into complacency... Adolf Hitler was elected in a democratic Germany. I'm not comparing Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler, what I'm saying is there is the potential of going down that road."

[...] Sean Hannity, of Fox News radio, who led condemnations of Mr Obama's links with the 1960s terrorist Bill Ayers, has placed on his website a countdown clock, ticking down to the next election when he hopes to be rid of "the radical Barack Obama".

Rush Limbaugh, the doyen of conservative talk radio hosts, last week blamed Mr Obama for continuing stock market falls: "This is an Obama recession, might turn into a depression," he said. "He hasn't done anything yet, but his ideas are killing the economy." Read full article here>

UPDATE: While searching on this subject, I came across this post by 'Nuckingfutz' that stroke a chord with me. Here are some excerpts:

I truly don’t understand where all this hatred comes from. [...] I question what kind of individuals would not only openly announce that they hate someone/something, but would go to great lengths, expending time and energy just on their hatred. What kind of person would be so obsessed with whatever it is that gets under their skin, that they would spend hours upon hours going out of their way to concentrate on just that one subject.[...]
"Intolerance:  a veil worn to disguise fear and ignorance."          
Binda Fraser, Ontario Canada
[...] Some of the people whom this hatred has directly effected have had some very mature reactions to it. And I applaud them. I wish more people had the guts to be able to stand up to that kind of hatred and not stoop to the same level as the people that are directing that hatred at them.

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