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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Americans Hopeful Obama Can Tackle The Issues

The American people and the citizens of the world expect a lot from Obama. Yesterday, a Congolese friend expressed his hope about an Obama administration intervention in the Democratic Republic of Congo where civilians are being massacred by their own soldiers and other countries militias who seek to control some of the world's richest resources of minerals. The killing has been going on for at least 11 years but the violence has escalated again lately. This is just one of the numerous "world issues" the Obama administration faces, not to mention the "domestic issues".

Indeed, a Gallup poll asking people whether they thought Obama could resolve various problems shows that the public has faith in his success in 13 out of 15 items:

Item Yes No
Improve conditions for minorities and the poor 80% 19%
Increase respect for the U.S. abroad 76% 22%
Improve education 71% 27%
Improve the quality of the environment 70% 28%
Reduce unemployment 67% 32%
Bring U.S. troops home from Iraq 66% 33%
Improve the health care system 64% 34%
Create a strong economic recovery 64% 34%
Keep the U.S. safe from terrorism 62% 36%
Bring U.S. troops home from Afghanistan 58% 40%
Reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil 57% 41%
Heal political divisions in this country 54% 44%
Control federal spending 52% 46%
Substantially reduce the federal budget deficit 42% 56%
Avoid raising your taxes 36% 61%
Control illegal immigration 35% 62%

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