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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barack Obama Wins US Presidency In landslide Victory

UPDATE 20 Nov:
John McCain won Missouri. It was close. His margin of victory was only 3632 votes out of 2.9 million cast. This means the final electoral vote tally is 365 to 173, more than 2 to 1 for Obama. For Missourians, the downside of going for McCain is the state loses its much-heralded bellwether status--it has voted with the winner every time since 1956--except 2008. (report by

Unlike other states, Nebraska and Maine use a tiered system for awarding electoral votes, in which a single elector is awarded based on votes within each Congressional district and two electors are awarded to the winner of the statewide popular vote. Yesterday, the Omaha World-Herald announced:

For the first time ever, a blue circle will appear in Nebraska on national electoral maps.

Democrat Barack Obama won the Omaha-based 2nd Congressional District on Friday, scooping up one of the state's five electoral votes.

... "We always knew we could do it, but it would be an uphill climb. It's great to see a little corner of Nebraska turn blue," said John Berge, state director for the Obama campaign.

Berge said the victory was a tribute to all the work done by staffers and the hundreds of Obama volunteers who manned telephones and walked neighborhoods in the Omaha metropolitan area.

Tuesday's election is the first time since 1964 that Nebraska has awarded an electoral vote to a Democrat.

The Nebraska results give Obama 365 electoral votes to John McCain's 162. Only Missouri and its 11 electoral votes remain undecided.

UPDATE 6 Nov: We all know by now that Barack is the President-elect :-)
However, some ballots are still being counted in North Carolina and Missouri. Today, The Associated Press declared Obama the winner in North Carolina after canvassing counties to determine the number of outstanding provisional ballots. This win adds 15 electoral votes to his already wide victory. Obama's win was the first for a Democratic presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter won the state in 1976.

North Carolina's 15 electoral votes brings Obama's total to 364 nearly 100 more than necessary to win the White House. Missouri is the only state that remains too close to call.

Electoral College votes Winning post 270

Democratic Party candidate
53% ECV: 365


Republican Party candidate

ECV: 173

Electoral precincts reporting:



Obama Celebration in Berkeley (California)

New York City, East Village, St. Marks

University of Illinois

Source: Al Jazeera

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