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Monday, November 3, 2008

MoveOn To Obama Supporters: Worrying Won't Help Obama Win. But Talking To Voters Will.


We all are. Seems like everyone I know is feeling some mixture of excitement, anxiety and anticipation. We're hoping, praying, we're checking the polls every five minutes—or trying to ignore them.

Here's the thing: Worrying won't help Obama win. But talking to voters will.

There are thousands of people in swing states who will only vote for Obama if someone calls to remind them in the next 24 hours. You have the power to affect the outcome of this election—even if you only have an hour to give.

The Obama campaign has organized a phone bank near you to call voters in swing states. Can you join in?

Yes, I'll join an Obama phone bank!

No, I can't make it

Until now, we've been calling every single MoveOn member in the swing states to get them out volunteering for Obama. That effort blew away our expectations! Together, we've recruited 150,000 new volunteers in Ohio, Florida, Virginia and other key states.

Now, with the time left until the polls close, we're asking everyone in New York to start calling voters directly.

There are millions of voters who still need a reminder about tomorrow. So make some calls today!

Please—for your country, for your family, or even just to stay sane until the polls close—do everything you can during the next hours. Let's win this thing.[0]=10027&event_type[]=197&zip_radius[1]=40&orderby=zip_radius&date_start=1225699200&radius_unit=miles&limit=20

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