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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MoveOn: United For Change

The Democrat grassroots organization and its members feel strongly that those who voted to elect Obama president crucially need to keep the momentum going and continue organizing for change.

As Barack Obama himself has said repeatedly throughout the presidential campaign, change depends on everyone. MoveOn reminds its members today that there are "tens of thousands of lobbyists in Washington, funded by countless millions from corporations and industry groups. The oil and coal companies. The pharmaceutical industry. The HMOs. The telecoms. They're all gearing up right now to stop any bold health care bill or energy plan dead in its tracks.

They're going to fight Obama at every step. We have to be prepared to fight back harder."

In response the organization is launching a huge campaign in Washington with the voices of ordinary people who are longing for change. On TV, on billboards and buses, in district offices and the halls of Congress.

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