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Monday, November 3, 2008


I trust the Wisdom that guides the Universe is the same Intelligence that moves through all voters to guide this election to its perfect outcome. The inherent Spiritual nature of Infinite Harmony prevails throughout the inner individual search for the right choice that is beyond any conflicting limiting perceptions of separation. I let go of any misillusions about false outcomes because God always affirms the truth. In this election, I witness the emergence of a new phase of Divine Transformation encompassing all dimensions of political and national expression.

This election reveals a new global security resting in God's hands as informed citizens and discerning people who vote for a fresh political vision. I stand at the tipping point which releases the most peaceful time in human history. Through a new level of diplomacy, war as it is known, is obsolete. I participate in this historic moment for peace, understanding and reconciliation.

The rhetoric of pundits gives way to a new lexicon of compassion and unity. Fear turns into trust, deceit becomes transparent, distain alchemizes to respect. With this new Delphic manner of speech, the abundant tide returns. The debilitating, capricious chaotic concerns of scarcity, loss, and abandonment becomes the prime candidates for the vicissitudes of change our country needs
while poverty dissolves into the nothingness from where it came.

Seeing how cynicism grew into uncontrolled economic excess, borrowing and spending. I know Spirit does not affirm corruption, lack, or pain; for God only knows Infinite Good. I choose to see as God sees our nation in a trusting light of abundant love. Any lingering pockets of discontent are just places that know not yet their heavenly beauty of abundant freedom and love. Sharing and circulation of wealth return as Spirit's guidance move us from times of peril to promise of our great destiny.

In shifting responsiveness to the collective heart, a new day is born. This change brings about a unified nation and a comprehensive global respect. The turnout of voters for this election ia at an all time high as there is a return to the honoring of each individual's voice, talent and purpose. Every contribution is welcomed and appreciated as the elected leadership wisely navigates the profound challenges of the new political age.

This incoming benevolent leadership converges and cooperates, while embracing the interplay between nations and people of our common Earth. This new field of understanding catapults all beyond the fragmentations of the past to a creative way toward globalization of freedom and equanimity for the human family.

I gratefully believe this noble task has elected the right leadership at the right time to guide the U.S. and humanity to the fulfillment of God's vision of heaven on earth. I let go to this deep knowingness of Divine right action fulfilling itself for the highest and best good of all concerned. And so it is!

Dr. Christian Sorenson

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“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”- Franklin D. Roosevelt, elected president in 1932.