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Monday, December 8, 2008

Bill Gates: Opened To A Role In The Obama Administration

As we all know, President-elect Obama has been choosing members of his administration. On December 2nd among other appointments, he 'officially' named rival Clinton secretary of state. I guess the best place to obtain fresh news about the Obama-Biden Transition including the President-elect's weekly address is on, the Office of the President-elect.

Today I was surprised to read that Bill Gates would love to join the the Obama Administration. According to Philip Rucker, Bill Gates said: " If there was some committee or pretty focused task where I could contribute, I'd be glad to consider that, and I hope that the things we've learned about education -- including the mistakes we've made -- I hope we do get a strong dialogue and I'm very optimistic we'll have that with these people."

Gates met with Vice President-elect Joe Biden at Obama's Washington transition headquarters in the beginning of the month. Biden and Gates discussed "a wide range of issues, including global health and development, as well as the need to improve resources for secondary education, particularly for community colleges."

Photo (top-left): U. S. President-elect Barack Obama speaks with Senator Hillary Clinton after announcing her selection to the secretary of state post Monday in Chicago. - Photograph by : John Gress, Reuters

Photo (Above): Bill Gates

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