Pray For Barack Obama is a non-denominational ministry dedicated to lifting up President Barack H. Obama, his family, his cabinet and staffs in Prayer as they serve the USA (and the world).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

61 Days of Prayer for Barack Obama: Day 49

Heavenly Father we thank You for the favor You have granted Your servants Barack Obama and Joe Biden. We thank You for the wisdom, courage, calm and hedge of blessings in funding, support, votes, protection that You shower upon them. We thank You for their insight and we thank You for their impending victory. Dear God "many crave and seek [Your] favor, but the wise man [waits] for justice from [You]". (Proverbs 29:27) Thank You God for the wisdom of Barack, Joe and the campaign team and for Your goodness, mercy and favor on them everywhere they go, and for them dwelling in Your presence all the days of this campaign and all the days of their lives.(Psalms 23:6) We thank You and praise You in Jesus' name. Amen.

By Emma,
Founder of "61 Days of Prayer for Barack Obama" group on Facebook.
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