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Friday, September 26, 2008

Faith & Politics In Pieces

Below is an excerpt of an email Kay sent to her friend in response to a Smear correspondence about Barack Obama. Kay is the creator of Faith And Politics In Pieces:


The "facts" can be easily disproven with only a little research. I can and have researched all of them and can tell you why they aren’t true, how I KNOW they aren’t true, and who is responsible for spreading some of this viciousness. I addressed a few Obama lies like these in my blog if you are interested. It is at

My heart breaks whenever I see these. We, the church, are called to be people of truth and integrity. God is God no matter which party controls the White House. As Brett has paraphrased Psalms 20:7 “Some trust in elephants and some in donkeys, but we will remember the name of the Lord our God!”

The deceit that the church has fallen prey to in the last twenty years is the lie that says the end justifies the means. The lie that our hope is found in political processes and God will smite us if our country chooses the “wrong” political leader. Therefore, it is okay to slander and defame anyone who does not agree with our interpretations of scripture or the proper role of government. The god that the church speaks of when it speaks politically is a god that sounds just like the petty Baals that Old Testament prophets warned us against. This American political god is surely not the God of grace and mercy that we encounter at Tres Dias.

My heart breaks, because I have believed these lies myself and fought to convince others to follow this idolatrous worship of a god that scripture mocks. I have been a false prophet in past elections spewing venomous tales, never following the example of the Bereans, who studied to see if the messages they were hearing were right and true. I am broken by my sins and in deep sorrow for the role that I have played in creating a church that would author and spread lies. I, like Paul, have heard God asking me why I was persecuting him.

Please know that I believe that Godly people will, with all righteousness, vote for John McCain, and God will be pleased with them because they did what, in the past, I did not do. They will have studied to learn the truth about both of these candidates, and they will have allowed scripture to inform their decision. I also believe that this time I have allowed God to take me down a different path, and, as a result of my diligent studies and earnest prayer, have decided to vote for Barack Obama. I believe that I too will hear God’s voice of affirmation, because the ETERNAL Lord is less concerned about the results of a FOUR YEAR election than He is about calling to Himself a people who will seek to live in the light of truth and integrity and grace.

With much love and many blessings,


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