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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Matthew25 Network For Obama

Dear friends--

I'm Tony Hall, a pro-life Democrat and evangelical Christian from Dayton, Ohio. Throughout my career I have been inspired by the gospel call in the 25th chapter of Matthew to care for the least of these, especially those who are hungry and hurting.

Our country is facing an economic crisis.

In the last eight years we have seen childhood hunger and poverty rates on the increase. In my home state of Ohio, we have lost over 200,000 jobs. Today more than 35 million Americans face the threat of hunger. With gas prices and grocery prices on the rise families are struggling month by month just to get by.

As a Christian, I am getting involved in this election, because we need a President in Washington that will see those who are hurting and care about the least of these. That is why I am supporting Barack Obama for President.
Barack has known hard times too, at one point his mother had to rely on food stamps to get by.

Barack's plans will give tax relief to those who need it most, he will increase funding for children, families and the elderly who need food supports, he will work with faith-based organizations to feed the hungry, and make health care affordable. Senator Obama will bring back good paying jobs- which is not only the best way to fight hunger and poverty- but is also an important source of dignity in our lives.

I have recorded a radio ad to share this message with the voters from my home state of Ohio. Listen to the radio ad here.

Help us run this ad in the key battleground state of Ohio on Christian and religious radio stations. We need to raise $15,000 right now to run this ad all over my home state of Ohio. Your donation will help us run this ad and help the Matthew 25 Network produce ads just like this one for other key battleground states.

With your help we will be able to get this message out on the airwaves about why Christians like me are supporting Barack Obama for President.

So much is at stake in this election- including our nation's commitment to those who are hungry and hurting the most. Please consider a generous donation today and help us lift up a Christian witness in politics that focuses on the needs of the least of these.

May God be with you,
Former Congressman and Ambassador Tony Hall

PS. Please forward this to your friends and family to help make sure they can hear this radio message, as well. Thank you.

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