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Saturday, September 20, 2008 Young-Voter Registration Program

Great news: Our young-voter registration program is going strong. Thousands of canvassers have hit the ground running in 14 critical battleground states, and they're registering lots of new voters each day.

But now it's crunch time—registration deadlines start hitting in just two weeks, and that means we have to ramp up quickly. Can you help by chipping in $12 or more today? If you do, we'll send you a brand-new, baby blue Obama T-shirt—and your donation will help pay for the offices, canvassers, and technology we need to hit our goal of registering 500,000 young voters in swing states.

Young voters are crucial to Obama's victory in November; half a million new young voters in key states could be enough to tip this entire election. But we're going to have to push hard to hit that goal. If 50,000 MoveOn members chip in and get these new shirts, we'll have the resources to keep registering voters right until the last moment.

Chip in and get your T-shirt by clicking below:

Thanks for all you do.

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