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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama/Biden Supporters: There's a party in New York

Let's get the party started!!!

Can you make it on Sunday?

Here are the details:

Host: Toni C—fellow MoveOn member
Where: 66 W 132 St, 1FL , NYC (in New York)
When: Sunday, Sep. 21, 2008, at 5:00 PM

Here's the link to get the full address and RSVP:

If you're looking to help Obama this weekend, here's your best chance to do it. These parties are the next step in our massive MoveOn for Obama project—our effort to mobilize huge numbers of MoveOn members to be a part of the Obama campaign. Plus, they'll be a great opportunity to have fun with other Obama supporters near you.

So sign up to attend a party, bring your cell phone and charger, and drag a few friends along to the event!

Hope you can join, and thanks again for all you do.

–Adam, Lenore, Matt, Ray and the rest of the team

P.S. Can't make this event? Here are a few other events near you:

MoveOn for Obama Party
123rd St. & Adam Calayton Powell (7th)Ave, New York at 5:00 PM—RSVP

MoveOn for Obama Party
120th and Lenox Ave, New York at 5:00 PM—RSVP

MoveOn for Obama Party
118th Street and Madison Avenue, New York at 5:00 PM—RSVP

MoveOn for Obama Party
123rd St and Adam Clayton Powel(7thAve), New York at 5:00 PM

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