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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Christian, Pro-Life and Pro-Obama!

My Name is Dave From Vermont and am an Obama supporter. In regards to the way Obama handled the "civil forum" at Saddleback church with Rick Warren I had to give Obama tremendous credit for making the point that he respects people who believes that life begins at the point of conception and he showed great respect for people who believe that. It can definitely sway voters to vote a certain way when people hear their pastors in their church talking about 40 million abortions week after week; for those who haven't had a chance to learn about all the issues each party represents it is understandable why people have voted this way and it is a powerful argument; social conservatives argue that negotiating about limiting abortion is not acceptable, because in an unborn child's life is at stake. Instead the endgame is to ban it altogether.

I am a believer and have prayed about so many of the issues plaguing America. Just as many of you could not vote for a pro-choice candidate my conscience wouldn't support any elected official who wants healthcare to continue to be in the hands of corporate America, while 50 million Americans suffer; healthcare is a right for all Americans. I feel that war should be fought unless it is a lass resort and our country has absolutely no choice. Bush had the choice, and he did what he had to do, and now almost 2000 days after mission accomplished, many families in America do not know whether their loved ones will come home dead or alive. Bush lied to the American people and McCain gives us no time table for returning our troops back either; I have always been inspired by my gut instincts, and there is nothing wrong with voting for Obama in this election and if he is elected he is going to fight for you as well as he will for me. He is not going to disrespect people who have strong moral convictions, and will work with them to heal the country.

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