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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Feminist, Catholic, Pro-Life & Pro-Obama

As a woman, a wife, mother of five, a feminist and a Catholic, I am "liberal" and pro-life (though I try not to pigeonhole myself according to trite terms; Webster's Dictionary defines liberal as encompassing these characteristics: generous, tolerant, broad-minded, favoring reform or progress. I believe these are admirable qualities.)

I know that "liberal" Democrats aren't typically considered pro-life. This is what our manipulative, polarized culture of politics would have us believe. But in dire times, in this important election, we owe it to ourselves to throw out these divisive stereotypes, to look at things from a broader point of view, to come together for the good of all.

Pro-life is bigger than abortion. It means quality of life as well as quantity of lives. It means peace, equality, a livable wage and a diplomatic approach instead of war. It means eradication of hunger, AIDS, of the death penalty and the need for it. Pro-life means caring for the earth, which sustains us all and gives life. Pro-life means hope for the future for everyone.

I believe abortion is a product or a symptom of a hopeless society. A mother who doesn't feel that her child will receive adequate care, food, water, attention or security will feel hopeless. A mother who does not have any means to provide for her child, who is raising her child alone may feel hopeless. A mother whose country is at war, or who lives in the midst of continual violence will feel hopeless. A woman who has been taught to think only of herself and to serve what is most convenient guarantees a hopeless situation for her unborn child. Hopelessness abounds in our country and our world right now; it is at the root of this problem. Treating only the symptom, only in our country, with all attention focused on Roe vs. Wade and Supreme Court appointments, is truly like putting an ineffective Band-Aid on a huge festering wound.

This is why I must vote for Barack Obama and the Democratic Party this election. They will move us all toward changing this hopelessness. They will move us away from a current society that is bordering on oligarchy, which is not a hopeful, equal state.

Together we will move forward into a time where the sanctity of all life, great and small, is understood, and hope is perpetuated. This is pro-life."

This is what the evangelicals for Obama and the Matthew 25 group believe. Of course I am concerned with other values as well like holiness, fairness, justice, and condemning sin and bad choices. However, I believe that those are issues that need to be dealt with in the church and in our homes so that our children will grow up to be valiant men and women of God who make a difference. I believe we should continue to share our faith with co-workers, neighbors, and other people we meet while we're out and about. I don't believe our political candidates can be held to the same standards as our ministers and elders as they do not have a charge over our soul - only over government. If this were the case, no president would ever be elected! Gambling, lying, cheating on spouses are also behaviors that I do not condone. However, I am not voting against John McCain for those issues; I am voting against him for his policy issues. I can't say for sure that if the choices were Obama and Huckabee in the general election who I would be voting for because unfortunately, Huckabee did not get the chance to show us what he would do as president in that McCain won the Republican nomination.
Source: Democrats For Life

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