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Sunday, October 19, 2008

What Would Barack Obama Do If Elected President?

Our next president will be decided by roughly 20% of American voters – namely, undecided voters and those now leaning toward Obama or McCain.

These voters have a simple question: "What would Barack Obama do if elected president? What are his priorities and policy intentions?"

  • answers this question. It's a new and voter-friendly website, created by Obama volunteers. We show short videos of Barack Obama simply giving direct answers to common questions.

  • Why is this web site needed? Most voters distrust political advertising and avoid official campaign websites. Worse, most news reports describe controversies, poll results, and fund raising – not what Barack Obama would actually do if elected president. Importantly, to become a great president, Barack Obama first needs a deep and broad mandate. In turn, that requires making many people more aware of what he would do if elected. Without that, he cannot be as successful as these difficult times will require.
  • So how can Barack Obama reach voters with his plan for America? Here is how: can you please forward this article to your friends and family? Right now?

    Visitors to will appreciate the transparent, respectful nature of this web site.

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