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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The World Wants Obama: The World Is Also For Change!

Residents of eight of the world's major countries express a very clear preference for Democratic candidate Barack Obama and for the values he promotes.

In a major world-wide poll commissioned by La Presse, residents of Canada, France, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, Great Britain and Belgium answered a series of questions on the November 4th election.[...]

The poll results: "If you had a vote, who would you choose in the next USA presidential election on November the 4th?"

CANADA - Obama 70% (McCain 14%)
FRANCE - Obama 68% (McCain 5%)
SWITZERLAND - Obama 83% (McCain 7%)
POLAND - Obama 43% (McCain 26%)
JAPAN - Obama 61% (McCain 13%)
MEXICO - Obama 46% (McCain 13%)
GREAT BRITAIN - Obama 64% (McCain 8%)
BELGIUM - Obama 62% (McCain 8%)

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