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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Aussies barracking for Obama

Non-Americans worldwide are wondering how they can help and/or volunteer for the Obama-Biden ticket. Many Europeans have flown to America and joined the Obama team . Others wish foreigners could donate money to the campaign. Today, I came across this article about 8 Australians who are working for Obama-Biden in New Hampshire:

"ARE you from New York or Durham?" asks Larry the "visibility co-ordinator". When we reply "Sydney" he is startled. "What, all of you?" he asks. "Yes, all of us," we reply.

How eight Australians have ended up in the tiny city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, volunteering for the last eight days of the Obama campaign is a long and complicated tale - but here we are.

Ten minutes later we are standing at the corner of Maplewood and Congress streets waving our Obama-Biden signs at the peak-hour traffic.

The temperature is minus 10 and the wind whips the signs out of our hands but the welcome from our fellow "visibility participants" is warm and, frankly, puzzled. We repeat our story many times but they still marvel.

Six months before, at the height of the Democratic primaries, an American friend had, over dinner, invited us to campaign with him in New Hampshire. My sister and I replied "yes" immediately and the troupe of volunteers grew, eventually including my other sister from Melbourne. Read more>

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