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Saturday, November 1, 2008

If You'd Tell A Pollster 'Obama,' Then Vote For Him

Below is an interesting article by Susan Campbell:

" if you've been paying attention, and you like Obama's platform, vote your guts and your heart. Vote the measure of the man." How would America have reacted if it had been Barack Obama — not Sarah Palin — who brought five kids onstage at his party's national convention? Imagine, too, if one of the Obama children had been a pregnant, unmarried teenager? Consider this: What if John McCain had been the former president of Harvard Law Review (a line on Obama's résumé) or, conversely, Obama had finished near the bottom of his class (a line on McCain's)? What if Obama — like McCain — was married to his second wife? What would the ever-fluctuating polls say then?

Tuesday is just over the horizon. This endless campaign is about to end, and besides the threat of the Democratic Party's ever-present ability to screw up a one-car funeral, pollsters caution us about things like the Bradley effect — a phenomenon not everyone recognizes and is, perhaps, pollsters' way of explaining why they so often get it wrong.

In this case, pollsters say voters sometimes report that they would vote for an African American candidate, and then they go into the voting booth and do what they always do — throw the lever for the white guy. Read full article here...>

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