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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama Could Lose Election Due To Voter Suppression

• In Florida, Republican operatives visited Democratic voters and promised to "deliver their absentee ballots to the polling place" and then promptly threw them in the trash. Miami Herald, October 25, 2008
• In California, they used phony petitions to trick voters into registering Republican. Los Angeles Times, October 20, 2008
• In Virginia, they even sent out phony flyers telling Democratic voters to show up on the wrong day. UPI, Oct. 28, 2008

Senator Barack Obama is leading Senator John McCain in almost every national poll, yet Obama keeps telling his campaign workers not to be overconfident. Beyond McCain calling himself "the comeback kid," Democrats have good reasons to fear a Republican victory on election day.

First and foremost, Republicans are actively seeking to suppress the voter turnout among the youth and minorities and poor people likely to support Obama. [...] "The key, of course, is for Democrats to vote in such overwhelming numbers that even voter suppression and vote fraud will not be enough to resist the wave of support for Barack Obama." Read more...>


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