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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Reason Why We Fight: A Touching Testimony

By Brent

Due to the recent discovery of having an aggressive form of cancer, I'll never vote again. But thankfully I cast my last vote for whom I sincerely believe to the best and most consequential presidential candidate to ever appear on the ballot in all of my 53 years, Barack Obama.

Like many of members of this community, I've got decades worth of political experience in terms of volunteer work and more formal elective roles within the county and state Democratic parties - along with consulting and managing campaigns and even an eleven year stint in promoting our side on talk radio.

But this election year and the candidate we are championing simply seems to dwarf anything I've been involved with in the past. Obviously a large part of that is due to the extraordinary abuse that the current regime has inflicted upon our country in the last eight years - but it's also much larger than that.

Back in early 2006 when I was mentally constructing the attributes that our next presidential should bring to the table - one unusual need kept re-occurring to me. Our next candidate needed to find a way in inject some Love into the process. Not the typical "love of country" but the ability to project a genuine love for our fellow citizens into the mix.

Much to my surprise and despite all of the traditional concerns that this political veteran initially had - Barack Obama emerged as the precise type of candidate that these extraordinary times called for. And that makes me happy beyond belief and provides me with the will and determination to live to election day and even a ways beyond.

So YES WE CAN emerge from the presidential political wilderness that we've been struggling with in the 40 years since 1968. And YES WE CAN roll back the damage we've sustained during the last 8 - 28 years.

I know that this remarkable community is going to play a key role in not only getting us back to even - but through the genuine love contained in "Our Vision for America" that lies at the heart of the Daily Kos - you'll be playing a major role in laying the foundation for the U.S. becoming a far better place to live and work than it ever was before.

Stay active and keep pushing those winning ideals. I'll be with you in spirit all the way!

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