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Sunday, November 2, 2008

On Campuses, McCain Supporters Are Running On A Shoestring And Conviction

The New-York Times article by JULIE BOSMAN reminds us that young people tend to back Obama rather than McCain. We kind of knew that already...nothing surprising here but the article is still worth reading. Bosman writes:

Many college students are enthusiastic about Mr. McCain’s candidacy. They feel passionately about conservative principles, have faith that he will keep them safe, get a kick out of his “straight talk” (and his post-“Daily Show” sarcastic edge) and are enthralled by his fiery running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska.

Yet on many campuses, the dorm rooms with the McCain-Palin stickers are oases in a sea of Obama-Biden signs.

McCain supporters are outnumbered, outspent and generally outgunned by the legions of young, liberal college students who came out for Senator Barack Obama in record numbers during the primary season. Read more>

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